Practicing the turn-around at OTEC (Energy Lab)

Hi Gang, I have to start by saying very sorry for not keeping the site and everyone’s results updated over the last 3 months. The excuse: We just had twins!! And talk about tossing your life up in the air for a bit. And the new belly fat deposit; don’t get me started.

Anyway… I’m back at the helm and believe I have all the races and events covered until the end of the year. It’s crazy how many events we have here on the Big Island. I have a great list going into 2011 and I think the site will most definitely be the definitive guide to all Big Island Run, Swim, and Bike events. Who knows maybe its time to add another sport or two to the site for next year (might be getting ahead of myself there).

Again if you have an event that I have missed please let me know. Let’s keep this site as up to date as possible. It’s for all of us. And from Karen and I to the community.

So hopefully I’ll see you all at the Peaman this weekend. And remember don’t laugh at the belly ;) – it was hard earned.

And on a parting note here are a couple of the 2030 Ironman entrants – hopefully all the Big Island slots won’t be disposed of by then (yep, that’s a jab)  :

A hui ho,

Warren H.

Daisy Jane H.

Kai Nuvaulik H.

Kai Nuvualik H.

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