IMGP1889Is there an event on the Big Island of Hawaii that we don’t have on our site? Please feel free to let us know what it might be. We would be happy to add it to our schedule. This whole site is a work in progress. Often many events may not have a date confirmed until a couple months before an event. This keeps us from adding it to the schedule as timely as we would like. If you have an event and don’t have a confirmed date, please still list it with us and we’ll set the date as an open TBA (to be announced) event. Typically you know within a couple weeks when it will be so we’ll keep a floating date on it until it is confirmed.

Also if there are any training groups you may know of that we don’t have listed here please let us know. It can be as small as a handful of guys getting together every week to run Walua or Alii Road or some new YMCA program in Hilo that just started. It would be great to make this a thorough resource for Big Islanders and traveling athletes alike.

And as always if you have any suggestions on making this a more complete resource please feel free to contact us.

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