Hi there everyone.

Very sorry for the wait until Jan 1st to get the 2012 schedule out. Life just get’s in the way sometimes when you (me in particular) have twin babies (days go by quicker and priorities shift – go figure ;)  ). I created the schedule based off last year’s schedule and confirmed as many events as I could find that have been posted by their respective organizers. Remember: I am not a race organizer. I’m Just a local athlete like you that enjoys having all the events in one place so I can schedule out my year and maybe sneak in a few events I’ve never done before. There WILL be a few mistakes in this calendar. I have put a ??? next to every event I could not confirm. There are also first annual events last year that may not see a second annual, as well as organizers who might find a completely different date (think Lavaman Keauhou going from August to November).
So… If you see a blatant error or you are and organizer and want to let me know the confirmed facts, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form on this site.

See you out on the road,

Warren H.

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