Lavaman Keauhou

Frozen Pea Productions (F.P.P.)  & Friends are helping some of the Young Pea-Maniacs Participate in the Lavaman Keauhou 2 Relay teams;

Ziggy & The Chic- Peas

Ø             Swim – Madison Hauanio

Ø             Bike – Leahi Camacho

Ø             Run – Ziggy Bartholomy

Team Captain: Cata Hauanio

Hyper Hawaii

Ø             Swim – Ky Foo

Ø             Bike – Sonny Hapgood

Ø             Run – Russel Hapgood

Team Captain: ????

Friends who are helping out:

•               Peaman – For coming up with this Pea –Terrific Idea and starting the engine

•               Gerri Rott – Making it possible to be a part of this race!!! And supporting our youngsters

•               Matty Cunninham @ Tri Addict USA

•               The Club In Kona;  Allowing the Racers to come to their facility to train

•               Luis de la Torre

•               Ironman

•               West Hawaii Screen Printing

•               Path ; Laura Deirnfield , Equipment and training

We Can us all the Help we can get to help Support these Youngsters ; I know we still need to cover their entry fees  and we would like to get some goody bags for them and Maybe some Pea-shirts with Logos of those helping out to show our support.

If you would like to help out, Contact : Doug Henbest And we can always use your Cheers and support and encouragement for the youngsters Mahalo from F.P.P.  and Friends

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