If you are submitting an event please include:
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  1. Event name
  2. Date and time
  3. Details
    1. Any comments you might have related to the race. If your race has no website and you would like us to use this site as the main location for showing the details of your event (we will create a special page for you) then please give a complete description of the event. We are not set up to field questions regarding your event from potential participants so please be thorough.
    2. website link, phone number, or contact email to put on site (however you want people to find out the details of your event or contact you).
  4. Event Location – Area on the island (i.e. Kailua Kona)
  5. Event Location address – For Google maps
  6. Type of Event – you can choose multiple types
  7. Upload an image (optional) – it will show within you event listing.
  8. Event Organizer Details – Name of organization and a link to page on your website with event details
  9. Price and signup details
    1. Mark if free or paying event
    2. If many prices and events give a link to the page on your site with the details or put those details in the Event details area above.
Note: If you would like to contact us about other information not included on this form please send us the information through our normal contact page form here.

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Note: if for some reason you are having a problem submitting this event form please send the details through our normal contact page form here.
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