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Welcome to the NEW I’ve been toying with the idea for a while to fully modernize this site as well getting the schedule maintainable by the database. And so finally we got it done. Why the change you say? Well here’s the scoop: A site nowadays needs to be viewable not only on your desktop and laptop, but also on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. And not just viewable it needs to be massively functional and user friendly. As a developer/owner of my own web development firm I need to constantly stay focused on trending technologies and keep my clients in the most up to date website vehicle possible. Since this site is a donation by my family as well as our company I feel obligated to it like I  do for any other client. So to that extent what you find here now is the latest and coolest tech ready to make this site usable from where ever you are. Ya – sure it will feel old and clunky in 3 years but we’ll deal with that then.

What I am most excited about is how we are going to treat events. Each event is treated like its own mini-site. It allows for basically building a “page” for each event. On each of these pages we can store all the relevant information regarding the event and then annually just change the dates and tweak the information when needed. We then give each event “tags” that represent the type(s) of race it is and because it is all stored in the database we can filter it to allow for pages that can be for example all upcoming running races. Now this is not revolutionary by any means but until now the schedule was basically one long page that might has well been a document you printed up. And it really didn’t help small event organizers who hadn’t  built a website for their events. We actually have quite a few of these organizers because of all the FREE Events we have on this island. So it was our way of letting these organizers do what they do best and organize events while not worrying about how to get the word out to everyone.

Now for the last bit:

Event Organizers:

Please check your event listing on this site and let us know if everything looks correct.  Also if your event is not on this schedule let us know and we will get it up on the site.
Submit a NEW EVENT on our Submit a New Event page here.
Send Updates and changes through our contact page here.

Event Sponsors:

You guys are awesome and without you we would likely not have nearly as many events as we have. I’d like to have you represented on this site (for free). So whether you are a big company like Big Island Honda or a small massage studio that gives out free massages at the end of an event please let me know. We would like to give you some space on the site. I’m still working out the details as to what to show and where to show it but once I have enough of your info (logos, phone numbers, websites, etc..) I’ll get it figured out. The site was designed to show everything from links to banner ads to actual products with a shoppingcart. I’m sure what we do now will evolve.

So go use the contact form here and give me the details.

Everyone Else:

If you see anything funky with the site or notice we have bad info let us know.


It will be a few more weeks until we have the entire year of events on the calendar but once it is there then every following year will be that much easier to maintain. It is crazy how many events we have on the Big Island nowadays. It’s pretty exciting too! Hopefully we can keep up with it all ;) .

So that’s all I have for now.

Until next time,

Warren H.

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