IMGP1845Big Island racing has a new website. We’re excited to finally get this site off the ground. Ever since the demise of a couple years back its been difficult to figure out what the entire years events calendar was. I tended to focus on the big events and would hear after-the-fact about races Id missed. I also tended to build out my training year months in advance and find out last minute about many smaller events. By that point they would often conflict with long runs and rides I likely had planned for the coming weekend. Also being from the Kona side I really had no idea what I might be missing on the other side of the island.  Well those days are over.

So my challenge to everyone out there: Plan an extra Peaman, Mango or maybe even a some 10k on the opposite side of the island that you are on. Just get a few extra races in this year. You never know, there might just be a new PR out there in your future. I promise to do the same.

Until next time,


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